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You Were Created to Dream

God has a dream for your life. Before you took your first breath, he had already placed the gift of imagination into your brain and hardwired creativity into every cell of your body. But discovering your God-given dream will take faith on your part—just as faith was required of great dreamers in the Bible such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Esther, and others.

In this inspiring video Bible study, bestselling author Pastor Rick Warren reveals how God uses a predictable process to grow your faith and develop your character so you can realize his dreams for your life. Each phase is a test of your faith:

  • Phase 1: Dream—God puts an exciting dream in your heart.
  • Phase 2: Decision—You make the decision to go after the dream.
  • Phase 3: Delays—God allows delays to get you ready for the dream.
  • Phase 4: Difficulties—You face problems that grow your character.
  • Phase 5: Dead Ends—Your situation become impossible.
  • Phase 6: Deliverance—God miraculously fulfills the dream!

Whether you’re feeling stuck, forgotten, afraid, or uninspired, Created to Dream will give you the tools you need to awaken and pursue the custom-made dream God created you to fulfill.